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This is a compound of books on System Dynamics that I have partially or fully read. I added a Link to where i had purchased the books or to where they are available. I do not sell this books or have a commission for selling them, but they are great books to have and read and learn.

If you have a suggestion for a good System Dynamics Systems Thinking Book, please click the button to send a suggestion! And I'll look for it, buy It, give it a read and add it to this list.

An Introduction to Systems Thinking: Standard Edition

Barry Richmond

Coral Reef Dynamics

Henry A. Bartelet

Dollars and Sense: Stay in the Black: Saving and Spending

Jeff Potash and John Heinbokel

Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course

Diana M. Fisher

Strategy Dynamics Essentials

Kim Warren

Thinking in Systems: A Primer

Donella Meadows

Business Dynamics

John Sterman

Development Planning and Policy Design: A System Dynamics Approach, 2nd Ed.

Khalid Saeed

Industrial Dynamics

Jay W. Forrester

Modeling the Environment

Andrew Ford

The Electronic Oracle: Computer Models and Social Decisions

Donella Meados and J. M. Robinson

Towards Sustainable Development 3rd Ed: Essays on System Analysis of National Policy

Khalid Saeed

Collected Papers of Jay Forrester

Jay W Forrester

Dollars and Sense II: Our Interest on Interest

Jeff Potash

Lessons in Mathematics: A Dynamic Approach

Diana M. Fisher

Strategic Modelling

John W. Morecroft

The Systems Thinking Playbook: Exercises to Stretch and Build Learning and Systems Thinking Capabilities

Linda Booth Sweeney Ed.D

Tracing Connections. Voices of Systems Thinkers

Joy Richmond, Lees Stuntz, Kathy Richmond and Joanne Egner

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