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A Small Love Story

Suddenly your eyes met her eyes. Among a sea of ​​people, it seemed impossible. However, fate took care that this was so. 

It was unusual, and it was also casual. It was incredible.

As Einstein described it, time traveled slowly, but then, relatively speaking, it sped up and you couldn't get close. You couldn't speak to her, love couldn't happen.

After that moment, you tried with all your might to remember her look, her figure, her shadow. You tried to remember her smile, which, little by little, was fading from your mind.

I have to see her again. But how?

And you tried to make the unusual casual. Seeing her again was your only interest. You didn't sleep for a few days, trying to describe her.

When all hope seemed exhausted, one casual day, as if you had seen a vision, there she was, but everything was so fast.

You soon found yourself talking about her, explaining to yourself what it would mean if she had seen you too.

You described your dreams, all of you played against you. Your mind, your eyes, your senses. And you still hadn't spoken a word.

So, one morning, the most beautiful of all your mornings. There she was, in front of you, breaking the silence.

- Hello!

Although you hesitated, you continued the conversation.

You chatted a little, you admired her smile, the brightness of her eyes, her scent of flowers. Your destinies were linked.

A divine moment.

At the end, your mind approached you, and your heart jumped with pleasure. Will we see her again? And then time and vanity overwhelmed you, she probably doesn't feel the same, maybe there is no what you saw. Maybe that feeling lived only in you.

And you discussed it with your friends, with your mother, with whom you trusted. I saw her, she saw me, there is something. And I'm not missing the friend who made you feel dreamed and the one who confronted you with your reality, maybe love doesn't exist. And you see her again. And you dreamed again.

In your mind lived a world of what if's? what if she loves me back? what if we are meant for each other? what if we are to live, and love until death do it's part? what if? what if?

Until one day you wake up, and you realize that everything has been marvelous, that you can be thankful, because you were blessed.

The End.

Falling in love is the First Step of the MIES Project, and it is the firs step to Empirical System Dynamics.

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