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Presented at the

2021 International System Dynamics Conference

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The world needs you!

We were born in a culture in which we teach our children that "you learn by making mistakes". And this is leading our world to catastrophe. Every day, in the news, we observe the effects of climate, social or economic crises. 


Aware of this, we are a family creating simulators to explore history, nature, and business. Using systems dynamics, systems thinking, and design. In this way, children and young people can interact in Small Virtual Worlds, interconnected, to test their decisions and the intended and unintended consequences.


This is achieved as we collaborate with other systems thinkers and systems dynamicists. We will take your models and, through an iterative process, prepare simulations for a wider audience (in English and Spanish).


Help us transform the thinking of our society and build a new future.


If you have an SD Model and would like to know how this could be done, click on the button below. 

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Past Collaborations

Jakarta Circular Economy Simulator for WCEF

Paco Araujo, Ivan Taylor

Pollution, Circular Economy, Ecology, Environment

Civil Unrest Simulator

Ivan Taylor, Paco Araujo

Civil Unrest, Public Policy

Laboratorio de Representatividad de Minorias

Paco Araujo, Ivan Taylor, Stan Isbrandt

Representatividad, Minorias, Negocios, Estrategia

Paco Araujo

Everything is a system, and everything is connected.

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Let's see the world from a different perspective.
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