Systems thinking

The use of conceptual system models and other tools to improve the understanding of how the feedback, delays and decision‐making policies in a system's structure generate the system's behavior over time. Systems thinking does not use computer simulation. Systems thinking involves (i) seeing interrelationships and feedback loops instead of linear cause–effect chains, and (ii) seeking processes of change over time rather than events/snapshots. Systems thinking helps people see things on three levels events, patterns of behavior and system structure.

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June 2020

Bergen 2020 SD Hackaton, a 48 hours worldwide event to Model their 2030 Fossil Free policies.

World Model

WIP October 2020

An approach to the Prof. Jay W. Forrester's work. A simple Learning Lab to understand his legacy.

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Ghost Fishing

WIP August 2020

Based on a CLD by Ghost Diving Korea - Jiyeon, an eLearning Lab created just for practice.

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