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Students Colloquium

Bergen, 2020. The International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) held virtually was hosted by the University of Bergen, in Bergen, Norway. This year was awesome because I could be there and because it introduced a very unique way to socialize remotely.

The program included Live Poster Sessions, Keynote Presentations and Plenaries, and the main goal was for students to have a chance to interact with Senior System Dynamicists, and to show their work.

The Keynote was presented by Prof. Peter Hovmand (Case Western Reserve University), and he talked about how to build a professional network: diversity, inclusion and paying it forward. With the objective of helping reflect on how to involve communities and other stakeholders in the process of understanding systems, and in the design of solutions using system dynamics and/or computer simulations.

What first drew you to System Dynamics?

For me it was a thing of timing, It was something that I was expecting, but hadn't heard about it, and one day, 8 years ago, it just made sense. So I started to learn, I was fortunate that the company I work for wanted me to learn, so they hired a Consultant. He took me to first understanding basic structures, doing classical models, reading, reading, reading, and after a while I was making my own models.

System Dynamics takes time.

That quote from Prof. Jay W. Forrester, was the first words that helped me to have patience, and it is the best thing to have in mind.

The Poster Presentation.

This section was held in a new bold way, they used a 3D World created by BTN, so in the real world you would walk through a space and meet in front of printed posters and talked with the authors, so, BTN translated into a digital 3D world where you picked an Avatar and just like playing GTA you moved inside that world, you could dance, say hi, and speak and hear the conversations. You had a chance to fall in love with Bergen.

The Poster session was great, and I loved some of those posters, and I will talk about them in a follow up post.

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