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Ghost fishing System Part 1

A while ago I saw an image on my Tw time line, it was a publication of Italian divers saving a whale, it was from @WEF (World Economic Forum) and the image for that tweet was presenting the Ghost Fishing Cycle, this Is part of the essence of Ghost Diving, a “charity organization of volunteer technical divers specialized in the removal of lost (ghost) fishing gear and other marine debris since 2009.“ You can engage with their work and support them from their website:

Now, I don’t work with them, but find their work awesome, and of course think it is a system worth of my time. I only got here because of this tweet.

Tweet about saving a whale!

And of course the Ghost Fishing Cycle that I told you about.

It was something that catch my attention. And I had to struggle a while with those thoughts. And then I wondered, this ain't going to leave or go quietly, I have to do something.

So I begin questioning, their Value Proposition is about the recovery of fishing nets from the ocean, and draw a first BOTG.

Fishing Nets in the Ocean BOTG.

This creates two behaviors, the first one indicates what happens if no one does something, and the second one represent what happens when GF intervene this system.

If that was all the dynamics that we wanted to cover, we could add Capacity, building that capacity requires Investment ($$) and Time.

So we could explore that simple model, you have a capacity to find and collect nets in the ocean, and that decreases the nets in the ocean stock. That can be translated to the following CLD.

Ghost Fishing CLD by Paco Araujo.

If that represents reality, then, we could explore what happens if that stock had 5,000 nets, and one team with one boat can find and collect two nets a day, it would take a while gathering all the nets. When you add capacity to this, a new behavior arises, as the extraction of Nets/Debris will depend on being able to locate it.

BOTG Capacity balancing Speed of extraction

But here emerges something interesting, has that stock stopped being filled?

I'll be exploring that in the next delivery. I’ll leave this for now, let’s keep exploring.

S&F first exploration by Paco Araujo

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