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Getting Ready for CLADS 2019

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Imagen de la ciudad de Bogota, desde el aire

We are getting ready for Bogota, Colombia, to present a Poster about my work called MIES Project, it is a toolset for a better understanding of the world that enables the creation of new knowledge. Hosted by the Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes), on the faculty of engineering, CLADS (Latin American Sistem Dynamics Conference) will have conferences from the SDS President Martin Schafernicht, Ericka Palmer from Ruralis in Norway, Peter Hovmand from Washington University and Eduardo Fracassi from the Technical Institute of Buenos Aires.

We're on the last steps to be there, it's going to be the next November 13, the poster session will be on the 14th. You can see the whole program here. It will host a World Climate Change Workshop, which has to be cool.

I hope you're all registered for the event, as I am (Just need to find the right hotel).

See you in 20 days.

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