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Arctic Social-Environmental System

One of the Events I loved from ISDC 2020 was the Workshop called "Peace Engineering in the Arctic: Accommodating diverse interests in a changing environment". There was something in the title that called me, and, well, I actually could get into the one that I was registered for because they wanted me to use Windows, so, that wasn't going to happen.

So there I was, struggling to understand what they where talking about (because I got there late). So, I got into the discussion, accidentally, and well, I had to improvise.

The whole purpose of the Workshop was to engage ISDC Participants in a very complex model, you see, the Arctic is land of no man, and yet is the easiest way to move to the other side of the globe, because it is shorter.

So, China, USA, Canada, Russia, and I believe others want a piece of that. Who ever takes control of it, well it controls market. And then, there is Oil. There is Natives, there are Endemic Species that rely on the Ice and below 0º temperatures.

So the explanation continue and then we were broke down to silos, and the magic happened. In that precise moment we were asked to get into the issue, and try and develop a CLD to explain what is happening in the arctic and understand dynamics.

So, that was the moment to get all the magic out. For that, I took a base and developed quickly a CLD, Dave Zelinka was kind enough to translate that to Stella, and I focused on taking the CLD to a Stock and Flow model.

Base Image to make the model.
Base Image
This is the base CLD, I drew it on my Avengers Notebook, not all my models can say that they've been there.
Base CLD

I drew it on my Avengers Notebook, not all my models can say that they've been there.

And then, within a 2 hour window, I developed a small Learning Lab which you can find here, it consists of five sectors, and I didn't had time to implement the Ships wrecking the ice.

It has some complex concepts that need explanation, but, haven't been willing to do that.

Would someone care to give me feedback? what do you think of this model? Is it enough to be called a version 1? or I should still have it as a version 0.2? What questions would you have about it? What concerns you about this?

It is a great example of what it costs to all human kind to intervene such systems.

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